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Dog Rights – Animal Right Law

Dog Rights are clear, and the relationships between owners and dogs have evolved greatly; now they are qualitative as well as quantitative. Dogs are treated better now than they used to and their possession has extended to all the social classes. Today there are numerous associations and foundations that look after the respect of these animals. Universal […]

Toy Fox Terrier Puppy Breed & Race Information

The toys Fox Terriers are known for their elegant square shape and rectangular skull, with long and powerful jaws and forward-folded ears. Their tails point to the sky insolently. This is a brave puppy dog, with great hunting skills, that make him fearless enough to chase a wild boar. toy Fox Terriers are great wardens. These dogs are known since the 16th century. […]

First Aid for Dog Choking. Help for a choking dog

Many times puppy dog choking happens when puppies are playing with something they swallow it accidentally and the foreign object becoming lodged in their throat cause them to either become completely unable to breathe or their throats to become partially blocked. In either case the result is that the dog will often wildly run forward […]

English Setter Dog Breed Information

Polyamide: The English Setter is a good companion and an excellent hunter. Height, weight: from 61 to 68 cm high. Weighs 20 to 25 kg. Fur, color: long, fine and silky. White with orange spots (Orange Belton), white with black spots (Blue Belton), or tricolor (white, black and orange). Appropriate for: fond lovers of the countryside. People who […]