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Golden Retriever Information. Golden Retriever Puppy Care

This prettyGolden Retrieverdog is well proportioned, muscular and of noble head, first appeared in the nineteenth century. Lord Tweedmouth was one of the main supporters of this breed, thanks to a scrupulous study on genealogy, which favored the golden color and curled hair, and the improvement of the senses (they have an excellent nose) and […]

German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Breed Information

Is the most common, German hunting dog, in the world. Height, weight: from 56 to 64 cm. high. Weighs between 25 to 35 kg. Fur, color: short and straight. It can be completely brown, brown with white spots or black with white spots. Appropriate for: fond lovers of dogs and the country side. Not Appropriate for: lazy people, and who live […]