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Dog Talk – How Puppies Communicate

Puppies communicating with other puppies: Dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs will react in a hostile way when running into other dogs such as walking straight, it’s head will barely lifted, and its tail becomes stiff and rigid. All this dog talk relates to communications between a dog and the rest of the world. The dogs ears will be pointing forward […]

Dog Suicide

Do dogs take their own lives?: For a dog to commit suicide and be able to take his own life, he would have to be conscious of the meaning of death. Up until we have discovered dogs don’t. A person that takes his or her own life does it because they evidently fear living above dying and they turn to […]

Dog Submission – Dog Leadership and Dog Smile

Important dogs: Within already established packs, the demonstrations of power, if necessary, are usually more subtle than direct aggression. If you have two or more dogs, there is probably one that always sits on the couch, has the toys, and that uses his body to avoid any attempts from the other dogs to get to his place of leadership, and this all […]

Dog Soup Recipes

Almost all dogs love soup. They just love sipping it up and then savoring the rest of the ingredients in it. Soup is excellent and recommended for dog as it increases their intake of liquids and is especially good for dogs that are older, who have diseases etc. Basic Dog Broth Chicken stock Dog dumplings Saluki’s dog soup Liver […]

Dog Socks

Fido Booties combine form and fashion, creating durable dog socks that are easy to put on and stay on. They provide protection for dog’s tender paws from the elements, both chemical and climatic. * 6 sizes from tiny to x-large * Velcro strap and draw cord(all sizes except tiny which has elastic stitched around the top of […]

Dog Skin Problems

Antiseptics are indispensable to treat Dog Skin Problems: alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, etc. We must be careful when we administrate these products because most of these irritate the skin if they are pure. Diluting the solution will depend on the product. Soap is usually the traditional antiseptic. If it is used correctly then it is […]

Dog Sexual Behavior Alterations. Dog Masturbation, Homosexuality, Hyperactivity, Aggressiveness

It is difficult to define the concept of sexual alterations in the dog. We can basically resume this as the set of sexual behaviors that are abnormal, annoying to the owner or its environment. The mating rejection can be considered an upheaval in the context of breeding and on the other hand the sexual rubbing […]