Leonberger Dog Breed. Leonberger Puppy.

The Leonberger Dog is usually called “mountain lion” this dog is really docile and family loving, who has a well documented origin. Leonbergers seem to come from the mythic Tibet Dogue and the huge Alp dogs. The Cinologic Federation admitted this dog, once every feature that resembled the Saint Bernard was eliminated.Leonbergers’ bodies are though and muscular, the heads are narrow have a back mask. The eyes, in every brown shade, show sweetness. Tracks of Leonbergers Dogs have been found in Metternich, in 1625. Their growth is particularly fast and does not stop until they are 3 years old.

Character of the Leonberger: They have a great sense of protection and their love for the family has no equal. They know their size and strength, and can control them gracefully, even when they jump to the owner for a greeting. These dogs are quiet and can be apathetic if it’s hot. They are intelligent and easy to tame, but you have to e very patient to them.

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Characteristics of the Leonberger Breed

  • Size: The male is 72-80 cm, while the female is: 65-75 cm long.
  • Weight: 60-80 kg
  • Color: All the shades of brown with a bit of black, always with a dark mask.
  • Hair: Long, thick and not very soft. It can be straight or wavy; it is abundant in the neck and chest.

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