Dog Agility Training Competitions

The first dog agility training competition took place in Spain, and were then regularized. They soon became popular and many clubs started organizing agility contests. For a long time, there was only one set of regulations for canine competitions, but later on, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) structured their own document, which is the one most of the clubs have adopted, specially the most recent ones.

This section is intended to differentiate every dog, rather than every breed; to tell between the dogs that feel the agility and those who don’t which hopefully will be less with time.Dogagility training tests were officially born in 1978, even though it was already know on the United Kingdom; now, the first tests were just a series of exercises that aficionados Consisted in a series of exercises aficionados organized just for entertainment.
There were two types of exercises: Dog Obedience and Dog Ability.

Canine Agility Competitions Objectives of Canine Agility
Dog Agility Rules Canine Agility tests
Which dogs can compete? Dog Agility in practice
Must it be a pure-breed dog? Dog Contest General Provisions
The dog’s education Dog Contest Courses
Getting used to a new dog collar Dog Competition progress
Dog Obedience in Agility Obstacles for Dog Competitions
Dog Jumping obstacles Dog Obstacle Seesaw
Dog Contact obstacles Dog Obstacle Judging
Dog Stopping obstacles Dog walks in a contest
Dog tests / categories & classes Dog Elimination Contest
FCI World Canine Agility Championships Organizing a canine competition
Dog Tests Canine Competition Dictionary

In 1977, during the celebration of the Crufts Dog Show, in London, John Varley (member of the Organizing Committee) realized there was a necessity of filling the long periods between the special awards and the best in show award. It was then when it occurred to him that a sort of race for dogs could fill these times. (valey was very fond of horse racing)

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