How do I stop my dog from Eating his poop and feces.

I was surprised to see a dog eating his feces. Why does he do it? Such conducts, known as coprophagy, is common among some mammals, including dogs and chimpanzees. Many reasons have been suggested for this conduct in case of the dogs. It could be that the dog suffers a digestive problem, like a deficiency of some vitamins (B or K), […]

Golden Retriever Information. Golden Retriever Puppy Care

This prettyGolden Retrieverdog is well proportioned, muscular and of noble head, first appeared in the nineteenth century. Lord Tweedmouth was one of the main supporters of this breed, thanks to a scrupulous study on genealogy, which favored the golden color and curled hair, and the improvement of the senses (they have an excellent nose) and […]