Belgian Shepherd Dog, Belgian Groenendael Shepherd Breed & Race Information

The Belgian Shepherd Dog was the first sorting of these elegant, muscular and agile dogs was in 1881, and then four varieties where differentiated. Before this, there were all kinds of Belgian Shepherds, strong and wolfish, but in complete disorder. The Groenendael and the Lakenois cannot hide their aristocratic origins. The first Groenendael was born in 1879 […]

Dog Training Barking Collars, Citronella Dog Collars nobark, no bark

The premier gentle spray citronella anti bark dog collars are the “nicest” way to stop you dog from barking. As OPPOSED to other brand or technologies, the citronella spray really does not hurt the dog. Here is the difference in operation better citronella and electronic training dog collars or so called barking dog collars. The electric or electronic anti nobark dog collar electrically […]