Dog Flatulence – Gas in Dogs & Dog Constipation. Dogs that FART most.

Dog Flatulence, best known as gas or fart, is something that some breeds get as they go aging. This happens when the dog’s intestines start progressively losing their muscular tone. In most cases this problem bothers the owner even more so than it does the dog. Each breed reacts differently to different foods but there are […]

Characteristic of Dalmatian Dog Breed. Dalmatian puppy dog breed & Race Information

The history and origin of the Dalmatian Dog breed is unknown. In spite of being thought to come from Dalmatia, Yugoslavia, this idea being accepted by the FCI, there is no track of it in this region. But there is in Greece and the East. English children call them “plum-pudding-dogs“, because of their spots. Character […]