German Shepherd Breed Origins and Caracteristics

The origin of the German shepherd must be found among the dogs used in Germany to guard and protect herds of sheep against wolves. In 1880, some breeders started the systematic selection and created in Stuttgart, on April 22nd 1899, the association of German shepherd friends (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde). The objective of this selection was to […]

Flat Hair Retriever Dog Breed

Originally known as curly hair retriever, due to his similarity with his Terranova ancestor, these dogs have now the setter problems in their breed. This is a country dog, as well as a domestic one, and probably is best adapted to rural zones due to his active nature. In successive generations, these retrieves have originated the Chesapeake […]

Stop Dog Barking

A pet products called a Stop Dog Barking Collar is a device you purchase when your dog barks out of control. There are several ways to Stop Dog Barking, and one of many is a collar. But fist, I would suggest using or primarily develop your authority a the dog’s master and increase your dog’s […]

Man Best Friend Dog Training

The domestication of the dog is a substantial modification of its behavior. The relationships between the Man Best Friend and the Dog Training, even though they are different, conserve pieces of their original behavior. In order to understand how these relationships are established, it is precise to know two very important elements: the rituals and […]

Information on dog behavior change in dog how to train your dog

how to train your dog · Consider the new puppy whose owners come home at regular times and join in an ecstatically joyful greeting ceremony. Information on dog behavior lead to change in your dog attitude. This imagery is quickly ingrained, and the pup begins to anticipate the experience, just as Konorski’s dogs hallucinated about the flickering […]

Sport designer dog lover clothing. clothing dog toy apparel

·The Correction Command or Non Reward Marker (NRM). Sport designer dog lover clothing will make you dog look great. Because the ‘correction commands’ or NRM’s are an essential part of dog obedience training, clarification is important at this point. Corrections, Punishment, Negative Reinforcement are the most misunderstood and misused terms used in dog training schools, […]