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Top 8 best slow-feed dog bowls in 2023

In this part, we will show you the top eight best slow-feed dog bowls at this moment. In the other words, you will expand your horizon related to slow-feed dog bowls’ bits of knowledge. Now, let’s dive into a wide range of great products on the list below.             

1. Neater Pet Brands – Neater Raised Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – Elevated and Adjustable Food Height – (Double Diner, Gunmetal)

In spite of its feature and realistic design, this Neater Pet slow feeder is tough to clean effectively. The owners can even come across the issue of attempting to hygiene a single compartment of the feeder during the other is full.

Next, its texture might be enhanced, so we highly suggest this product. In the other words, it brings a fabulous design initiative, but the water bowl is not as huge and the feeder component operates greater for our lovely pets.


– Legs are expandable

– It’s BPA-free

– It provides you with rubber feet to avoid skidding.

– This bowl operates for flat-faced pets.


– The dogs with long ears can get wet.

– Be ideal for tinier dogs

2. JASGOOD Slow Dog Bowl for Large Dogs, Anti-Gulping Dog Slow Feeder Stop Bloat, Slow Eating Big Pet Bowl

It is easy, but the intelligent design might rival your huge pet during mealtime. Getting a leading capacity of food and the internal bowl for water demonstrates with a slower, or dinner for the beast. It is the ideal dish for big breed dogs, and operates effectively for huge pets, except for dogs with super big muzzles can get a hard time taking kibble out of the crannies.

On top of it, there will be a little bit of an issue regarding the grip. The sticky component which held the grips was leaking on the floors, so we needed to wipe it off. It resulted in the grip not being as useful, so we marked it down on the high quality.


– The JasGood dog bowl can hold up to three cups of pet food.

– Tiny dish in the center for water.

– It is PVC and Lead-free.


– The fewer spaces are tough to reach.

– The sticky glue above the non-slip components can be messy.

3. Pecute Dog Bowls Slow Feeder Bloat Stop Pet Bowl Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic No Chocking Healthy Design Bowl with No-Spill Non-Skid Silicone Mat Stainless Steel Water Bowl for Dogs Cats and Pets

The next brand of a slow-feed dog bowl on the current market is the Pecute dog bowl. In the other words, slow feeder bowls might usually get messy, an issue the Pecute Slow bowl can deal with by coming to its own silicone mat.

Next, shaped like the dog bone, the mat brings double stations for holding the water bowl and slow feeder bowl. Also, it is a great kit that could be folded down for a long journey. Thanks to around 1.5-cup capacity, it can stand up to a huge pet’s demands; but it is great for tiny or also medium-sized animals. Moreover, the bowls are a bit dishwasher-safe.


– Equips with a great silicone mat and water bowl.

– Has a fancy and pleasing design.

– Offers double sizes.

– The bowl might be removed and cleaned easily.


– The water bowl is tiny

– Mat is quite flimsy

4. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Large/Regular, Purple

The Outward food bowls come in sizes, colors, and other patterns. Those genius bowls are produced from food-safe materials, are top-rack dishwasher compatible, and operate effectively. Possibly the sum of the package while you are hunting for the best slow feeder dog bowl for your lovely dog.

Apart from it, the one thing that we have recognized with our pets when testing this version is that other pets with big snouts are likely to get into trouble with suitable designs. If you need one of those bowls for your huge pet; please go with one without a lot of narrow ridges.


– Operates with both dry and wet food

– Provides you with great colors which boost up the pet’s brain.

– It’s BPA and PVC-free.


– Raised ridges might not operate better with flat-faced breeds.

5. Dogit Dog Bowl Slow Feeder for Wet or Dry Dog Food, Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish, Blue, L

If you have realized the ongoing trend with those bowls, it proves that their designs can be very complicated for lovely pets with big, or unusual snout shapes. When it comes to huge dogs, they want to consume too much and get it rapidly. The ridges of Dogit bowl are farther away from each other, so they could move in here.

What you exchange for accessibility can subtract a lot of points through the version’s efficiency. As the design is easy and huge; it can not operate in the slow aspect of feeding. It is particularly up to what pet you get and what their snout is like. It is perfect for a lot of dogs with great wide faces.


– Be useful for wet, and even dry food

 – The biggest bowl can hold up to five cups

– There are no toxic substances


– Simple design can not draw a dog’s attention

– Be quite fragile.    

6. OurPets DuraPet Dog Bowl Slow Feed Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl (Heavyweight Durable Stainless Steel Dog Bowls, Dog Food Bowl, and Dog Water Bowl) Great Alternative to Snuffle Mat for Dogs-Small

The slow-feed dog bowl like OurPets Durapet is a great design at this moment, which supports the stainless steel perfectly. The moat-pattern design does enough to complete the task for bigger breeds. Next, our pet might not seem like it can dig; or reach into crevices to take the kibble.

Another thing that we realized, however, was that over time. It was quite simple since the dog can take the amount of food faster over time. Getting a mildly tinier bowl can have sufficed. When it comes to tinier breed dogs, we highly suggest a sophisticated bowl.


Design is quite simple to hygiene.

– Help users avoid skidding.

– Steel limits the chance of choking above the plastic bits.


– Bowls are quite big for recommended breeds.

7. Mr. Peanut’s Stainless Steel Interactive Slow Feed Dog Bowl with a Bonded Silicone Base, Fun Healthy Bloat Stop Feeder (Medium)

While the design of Mr.Peanut’s slow-feed dog bowl can seem simple, the gap from the hump to the bowl’s sides was accurately measured. It is the ideal distance to slow down your pet’s feeding time, whereas even permitting him to approach the amount of food.

Various stainless steel bowls can create a gap very wide, making more dogs have simple access to the amount of food, or very tight, avoiding them to consume together. Besides, the non-skid silicone base did precisely what it looks, stayed our lovely pet from pushing their bowl through the floor.


– Stimulate the dog to consume, or drink at a slow space.

– Be available in three sizes

– Prevent your dog from bloating.

– There are no poisonous substances


– Be not easy to flip.

8. Raw Paws Pet BPA-Free Slow Feeder Dog Bowl – Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Large Breed, Medium Sized Dog & Puppies – Canine Slow Feeder Bowls for Dogs – Eating Control Dog Bowl – Slow Food Bowl – Maze Dog Bowl

The next slow-feed dog bowl that you need to specialize in is the Raw Paws bowl. In the other words, it is well-built with a lot of obstacles, making the mealtime fun yet competitive for your lovely furry friends. Perfect for big and medium-sized dog breeds, that impressive slow-feed dog bowl could support slowing down your puppy’s eating, and might be a feeder puzzle for them to decrease stress, bad behaviors, and even boredom.

Last but not least, here is the ideal slow-feed dog bowl which you can trust so far. Do not hesitate to purchase this product as soon as possible.


– Makes more outstanding feeding puzzles for puppies.

– Be suitable for flat-faced dogs.

– Be capable of promoting your dog’s healthy digestion.

– Boost up the mental stimulation

– Be safe to use.


– Be quite pricey, compared to various plastic slow-feed bowls.

Purchasing tip

Important elements of selecting the best slow-feed dog bowls

Your option of bowls can not be similar to the following person. It will be up to a wide range of elements which contain such as

1. Material

First of all, you need to check the version description to discover if the dish is ABS or stainless steel. Next, prevent more things that have PVC, and BPA.

2. Dishwasher safe

We discussed above that the ridges might make sanitizing one among those dishes extra hard. The dishwasher-safe versions can assist you in making the slow-feed dog bowl clean.

3. Price

You need the best for your buddy, but taking it might not get to break the bank. You have to hunt the version which provides a great value for the kind of materials.

4. Enhance digestion

When your lovely pet inhales around dinner, the chunks of food can make the stomach at once. The slow feeder stimulates your furry friend to slow down, and this makes him keep in mind to chew a lot of pieces. Tinier particles are simpler for the system to digest, so your furry friend can take a lot of benefits from what it is consuming.

5. Stimulates portion control

Did you understand those quick eaters are likely to consume a lot? That is since it gets a lot of time for the tummy to send a message to the brain when it has got enough. The gulpers maintain to consume as they do not seem full yet. It can operate in a similar way for lovely pets.

6. Non-slip base

As Fido consumes a slow-feed dog bowl, he might nudge around it to attempt to take at the contents. A sturdy non-skid grip might support to avoid the dish from sliding near the floor.

7. Capacity

Ensure you select the best slow-feed dog bowl which might hold your furbaby’s dinner. If you want one cup; you can grab a dish that comes with room for at least that much.

8. Puzzle pattern and difficulty

Search for items hard enough to customize your pup’s eating without leading them to withdraw altogether. If you get the smart breed or one that is excellent at problem-solving; look for a quite challenging feeder.

9. Customizes eating behavior

If your lovely puppy developed to compete for the amount of food, he perhaps studied to consume very quickly. It might be difficult to teach the old dog new tips. This is where the slow feeder appears. Last but not least, this product can stimulate your furbaby to consume quite slowly.

10. Face type and breed

The dog with a long nose brings various demands than one with a short nose or a flat face. You will need a design that can slow your furry friend down without affecting him. Finally, you should check the width and depth of spaces in which the amount of food will be.

Some key advantages of the best slow-feed dog bowls

In this part, you will find out more about the benefits of the slow-feed bowls. Let’s come with us to accumulate some related pieces of knowledge below.

1. Decreases the potential risk of gas

As usual, when the furry friend eats the meal quickly, he even gulps air with the amount of food. Then, you can obtain gas pockets in the tummy which might make it uncomfortable. In addition to that, quick eaters are even five times more likely to bloat or have a twisted tummy.

2. Prevent choking

Gulping down the pieces a mouthful at any time might result in chunks of dinner sticking in the pup’s throat on the way down to the tunny. When the furbaby can slow down, and studies to chew the amount of food before swallowing; we believe that he tends to choke less.

Which types of dogs need a slow-feeding bowl?

You could be asking if your furry friend might take advantage of slow-feeding food. This type of product comes in handy for your lovely pets such as

1. Gulp their food and vomit 

When your pooches consume very quickly, their tummies might not deal with it effectively. As usual, your furry friend can vomit the amount of food they want to gulp down.

2. Present resource guarding

We highly recommend that you need to get some advice or consult a behavior trainer if your pup can guard the amount of food. Next, you should use the slow feeder during conditioning your furry friend again. It can make you collaborate with him for every meal.

3. Need a lot of mental issues

Other smart, or leading activity breeds take advantage of the matter of the slow feeder. In the other words, it is a great choice if your pooch is not available for a puzzle toy.

4. Steal food at meal 

As your furry friend spends a long time consuming his dinner with a slow feeder; he might get less chance to snatch from different family members.

What potential risks are related to the slow feed dish?

While those versions provide a wide range of advantages, there are other potential risks related to using the slow feeder bowl such as

1. Food mess

– Other furry friends can find out how to flip the bowl if it is quite lightweight. Next, when this occurs your pal can rejoin gulping his amount of food so quickly. What’s more, the food moves somewhere and could make a huge mess.

2. Consuming plastic components; or bowl components

According to the product’s durability, your furry friend might break off more components of plastic; or different materials, and swallow them. In addition to that, it might result in external bodies lodging through the gastrointestinal tract and leading to blockages.

3. Bowl mess

The additional ridges and even crevices might make those dishes stronger to keep clean than an older dog bowl.

4. Chipped teeth

When your puppy operates to obtain the amount of food, he might chip the teeth onto the strict barriers.

A brief overview of the best slow-feed dog bowl

The slow feed dishes get some type of obstacle such as ridges to keep your furry friend away from gulping the amount of food. Next, they might get delicate designs to assist to split the food pieces, or they might be in the type of the puzzle feeder. In this way, the target is to make your pooch get a lot of time while it is having dinner.

The operation of the best slow feed dog bowls

The slow feed bowls can make separation and obstacles from the food’s chunks. This can be tough for your furry friend to snarf up mouthfuls at any time. Moreover, taking the slow feed dish could assist to customize the pet’s eating habits, so he needs to get a lot of time and chews the amount of food before he wants to swallow it.

What do you know about “Dog Bloat”?

When it comes to simple gastric dilatation, the pet’s tummy can be filled with gas, and enlarge as well. As usual, this circumstance can deal with itself. In various conditions, the tummy might twist on its own making the life-threatening situation known as GDV (Gastric Dilatation volvulus). 

In addition to that, the torsion can pinch blood vessels off and results in circulatory distress, or the toxins’ buildup through the bloodstream. If your furry friend’s tummy twists, they might die in an issue of hours.

Main causes and prevention of “Dog Bloat”

In this section, we will present both key causes and prevention of “Dog Bloat”. Let’s find it out more now. 

1. Basic causes

We might not understand the underlying cause of bloat for your lovely furry friends yet, but there are some key elements below


The opportunity of the GDV can boost with age because of transformations through the abdomen.

Consuming ratio

The gulpers are at a high potential risk of bloating.


The lovely furry friends which can work out right away after consuming might get a leading likelihood of the volvulus. Next, we have to recommend making your dog so tranquil for a long time, or double hours after the meal.

Consuming from the raised dish

If your furry friend does not get a circumstance that can call for the lifted bowl; you can feed him comfortably. The raised dish might boost the potential danger of GDV by around 52%.


The bigger furry friends get a greater likelihood of bloating


Puppies with a stressful, or anxious temperament can be a bit prone to a twisted tummy.


If your furry friend brings a parent or sibling who got bloat; they tend to get the GDV.

A schedule of feeding

Furbabies that obtain a single meal per day bloat more regularly since the tummy takes a big amount of food in a short time.

2. Prevention

There are other items you might not alter about your furbaby, like their body size; or chest depth. Thus, let’s concentrate on behavioral transformations which can assist to decrease the potential danger of the GDV (Gastric Dilatation volvulus)

– Feed a lot, especially for the small meals

– Decrease your furry friend’s stress level.

– Preventative surgery – There is a good process named gastropexy which might avoid a twisted tummy. Next, your puppy can even bloat and ask for veterinary care; but he will be at far less risk for the GDV.

– Discourage exercise and important activities after meals.

– Support to slow down furry friend’s consuming ratio with the slow-feed dog bowl.


In this section, you will gain a deeper understanding of the best slow-feed dog bowls on the current market. Let’s skim all around these primary questions for further detail.

1. What is the ideal solution to hygiene and maintaining the slow feeder?

It is up to the slow feeder and the kind of food you want to offer your cute furry friend. Thanks to wet meals, you might need to sanitize the dish quite often with water and soap. A lot of slow feeders are even top-rack dishwasher-safe.

2. Are there some main drawbacks to using the best slow-feed dog bowl?

They are quite difficult to hygiene due to the crevices. If you get various animals and only take the slow feeder with a single pup; you can make a food challenge. On top of it, there is even the potential for nose injuries or chipped teeth based on the materials taken for making the bowl.

3. Do slow feeders support weight issues?

Sure, the slow feeders can be capable of assisting dogs with weight issues. The gulpers might not understand when they have got sufficient and get a greater trend to overeat. Next, a lot of dogs that can slow down might get more time to chew their dinner and should be impressed with less amount of food.

4. Can slow feeders assist to avoid throwing up?

The slow feeders could support to avoid throwing up. The dog might regurgitate their amount of food if they gulp it down since the tummy might not deal with the immediate volume transformation.

5. How can I identify the precise bowl size?

The right-sized bowl for your lovely furry friend is up to a host of cups that you are going to offer your pet at a meal. Let’s claim your pooch to take double cups of food for the mealtime; then you need to select the food bowl which might hold between double and three cups to limit spilling.

6. Can the best slow-feed dog bowls be elevated?

Elevated bowls are a great initiative for your furry friends which grapple to consume between bowls closer and the ground. Next, they might decrease the risk for post-meal bloat and are a little bit accessible for the old furry friends to take advantage of.

However, ensure that the elevated bowl’s design is well-designed, or you might finish with a mess on your hands.

7. What are the ideal hints for you to use the best slow-feed dog bowls?

You need to ensure that the slow feeder you want to take might offer your pet the degree of difficulty which can assist it in consuming at the pace that you expect. Next, attempt to make it so that the structure is not very hard; otherwise; your pet might straightforwardly just withdraw from consuming and rather chew on the following thing which takes its attention.

Last but not least, you have to make the most of the best slow-feed bowl which brings the precise capacity for the amount you need to intend for feeding your furry friend.

8. What are other solutions to the best slow-feed bowls?

If you might not need to take more bucks on the best slow feed dog bowl, then the muffin pan might be useful as an alternative. It is as easy as filling up every cup with a small proportion of dog food and then taking it to your cute furry friend.

On top of it, positioning the tennis ball inside your pet’s bowl might stimulate your lovely pet to consume around it, in turn slowing down the mealtime.

9. How can I keep my dog from chewing up the best slow-feed dog bowl?

It is perhaps nothing to attempt and teach your pet to prevent chewing on the bowl as chewing is consistent with the pet’s nature. In spite of it, you could select the ideal slow-feed bowl which is a little bit resistant to chewing.

For instance, the stainless-steel bowl can be quite resistant to chewing rather than the plastic slow-feed dog bowl.

10. How could I hygiene the slow-feed dog bowl?

Other slow-feed dog bowls might be sanitized simply by being put on the top dishwasher’s rack. Various versions are perhaps best cleaned by hand. Thus, it is up to the bowl you want to buy in the future.

Closing Ideas

Can your pet gobble up around the meal at a particular time? Then, you should need the best slow-feed dog bowl. In addition to that, the plastic bowls can provide you with impressive sizes, and designs. However, there are even stainless steel, and a wide range of melamine choices.

No matter which of our best slow-feed dog bowls you want to stick to; the fabulous initiative is to slow down consumption, so your lovely furry friend might not get an upset tummy; or face bloat. Certainly, while you need to pick out a perfect bowl that can better control your pooch’s eating habits; you might not want something which prevents your dog from consuming together.

Do you get one of those ideal bowls for your furry friend’s food? Let’s share your opinions with us in the comment box below. We will highly appreciate it.

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