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English Bulldog puppy dog Breed & Race Information

In 1630 these English dogs were known as simply the “Bulldog”, although before they were called “Bandogge” (or “butchers dogo”) they are from the same descendants of the Mastiff. In the past they fought against bulls, especially during the time of Elizabeth I in England. Dog/bull fights were abolished in 1835 and in 1864 some breeders salvaged […]

Why Energetic Dogs chase their tails & Dogs chase children.

If an energetic dog is not given enough opportunity to run about, exercise and chase after things, he will find another way of letting out his energy by running after anything he sees passing by quickly. Descendants of sheep dogs tend to have more energy than their owners imagine. These dogs are always stimulated and waiting for the moment […]

Drug Sniffing Dog – Specialized Anti-Drug Training

Specialized anti-drug training: Some people are under the impression that the dogs are drugged to teach them; however, this is not the case. If this were to happen the training program would be severely penalized and looked down on. This type of work consists on training the drug sniffing dog to identify and discriminate between different odors such as narcotics […]

Dog Feeding Puppy Schedule

Feeding puppy dogs well is essential to being successful in breeding and at beauty expositions. The bobtail, in respect of nourishment, is a delicate breed. We use dry foods because they are practical and balanced. food and Feeding: Before we go into this matter it is important that we revise some biological as well as chemical notions. The dog’s […]